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Since beginning FaceTime lessons with Teresa, my practice has become more regular and more focused.

I have learned many techniques to play the harp more efficiently and to produce a better sound.

Teresa has introduced me to classical pieces that I wouldn’t have tried on my own. She has gently guided me to the next level of playing and performing.  

Because of my experience as a piano teacher of over 35 years, I knew it was essential to find a qualified and dedicated harp instructor.

I would highly recommend Teresa to anyone from beginner to advanced level.


Doreen Bryer, RMT, ARCT, Piano Performance

Dr. Suen-Campbell, has been inspiration to both of our girls.  Her caring personality plus her great teaching skills encourage her students to go further. Dr. Suen- Campbell is a world renowned performer. The fact that our daughters had the fortunate opportunity to study with her was instrumental in their love and study of harp. With our family relocating, we unfortunately had to leave her studio. The girls fondly look back at their studies with Dr. Suen-Campbell.

All the best in Dr. Suen-Campbell’s teaching career as well as her Performance.


Jenn and Len Chan

Dr. Teresa Suen-Campbell is my very important mentor in my harp career. She is the first teacher who believe in my ability and playing with many encouraging advices throughout the whole time when I was studying with her. She is very supportive and helpful when I was confused and doubting myself about my music career. On the other hand, she is also very strict and professional when it comes to teaching, I remember once we were working on the Sonata for Harp by G. Tailleferre (second movement), she spent almost the whole lesson just to explained how “4 against 3” rhythms should be played accurately (she even showed me the calculation!) and she would make sure I really understand and play correctly before letting me go!

Dr Suen-Campbell always helps her students to achieve their best by sharing her experiences and knowledge with them, gives very good suggestions and thoughts on fingerings, music interpretation, and playing techniques. She is also a caring and fun teacher to work with who will always cheer students up whenever they are worried or having difficulties.

I chose to follow her path in studying at Northwestern University with Professor Elizabeth Cifani for my master degree because I want to become an inspiring musician like her. I see Dr. Suen-Campbell as my role model for her profession and passion about the harp --- she is always busy with both performances and teachings, yet, she never shows tiredness for harp and always gives her best.

Mayetta Im,

Master of Music in Harp Performance (2017)  Northwestern University

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