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World Harp Congress              Review 

"Tackling Contemporary Music and Working with Living Composers"
Spring 2023, 11-15.

    American Harp           Journal Article

"The Joy and Challenges of Commissioning a New Harp Concerto."

Summer 2016, 48-50.

 Verband der Harfenisten    Inhaltsverzeichnis „Harfe heute“

"Zusammenarbeit mit zeitgenössischen"
Frühjahr 2023 | Nr. 116

Doctor of Music
Lecture-recital dissertation

"Celestial and Related Associations of    Harp Parts in Selected European
Operas During the Period 1818 to    1910.”
  Northwestern University, 2008.


Sheet Music

Teresa's own arrangement of popular Chinese folk song, "Jasmine" is available for instant download at 

Harp Column Music and

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