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Teresa Suen-Campbell's performance was praised as "performing with an incredible level of concentration” by renowned harpist Judy Loman. It was described as "angelic" by the Financial Times and was praised as "a formidable technique which shines and stuns" by the Macao Daily. She made her Canadian debut with the Kindred Spirit Orchestra under the baton of Kristian Alexander in 2014, performing the world premiere of a new harp concerto by Canadian composer James W. Campbell. An advocate of contemporary music, she has collaborated with many Canadian, Chinese, and American composers to date. She has also performed under the batons of conductors such as Vladimir Ashkenazy and has performed with renowned artists such as Kathleen Battle (2013), Placido Domingo, Skaila Kanga and Dame Evelyn Glennie.

Teresa is the first harpist from China to acquire a Doctor of Music degree in harp performance. She studied at Northwestern University in Chicago with Professor Elizabeth Cifani, former principal harpist of the Lyric Opera of Chicago. She is the recipient of a number of honors and awards, including the Brevard Music Festival Scholarship, the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council, and the C.F. Hu Postgraduate Memorial Scholarship. She began studying harp at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts at the young age of 15, and later graduated with first-class honors in music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

As a soloist, Teresa has been invited to many world renowned music festivals and conferences, including the American Harp Society Summer Institute (2015), Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival (2015), and the Hong Kong Arts Festival (2009). As an orchestral harpist, she performed with North Bay Symphony (2015-2016) in Canada, and was the former principal harpist of the Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra (2009-2011) and Evanston Symphony Orchestra (2004-2007) respectively. She also performed with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta Orchestra and the Illinois Symphony, among other orchestras in the Chicago area. She toured the world with the Asian Youth Orchestra in 2000. Her performances have brought her to China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, the United States and Canada. Her performances were broadcasted on TV and radio stations in Hong Kong, Canada, and the US. She also released her debut CD album Longing in 2010.

An enthusiastic and dedicated educator, Dr Suen-Campbell was appointed as an associate of the harp faculty at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, from 2013-2016. She was an adjunct assistant professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2008-2012), and was engaged as harp instructor at Northwestern University (2002-2006) and at the University of Chicago (2005-2007) respectively. Recently, Teresa arranged and performed piano music of Robert Schumann, and has also arranged classical Chinese music for solo harp. Her former students have won top prizes in international competitions held in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Macau.

Teresa is currently residing in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.

豎琴泰斗Judy Loman稱許孫尹婷的演奏有著「非凡的專注力」。英國《金融時報》樂評形容孫尹婷為「天使般的演奏」。澳門日報更讚譽她「演奏技巧高超,令人眼前一亮」。最近她與Kindred Spirit Orchestra和指揮Kristian Alexander 合作,於加拿大首演James W. Campbell 為她所作的豎琴協奏曲 (2014) 。作為現代音樂的支持者,孫尹婷熱衷跟不同的創作人交流合作。她曾跟多位國際享負盛名的指揮和演奏家合作, 當中包括Vladimir Ashkenazy、Kathleen Battle (2013)、Placido Domingo、Skaila Kanga 和Dame Evelyn Glennie 等。

孫尹婷是第一位取得豎琴演奏博士學位的中國豎琴家。她於美國西北大學主修豎琴演奏,師承芝加哥歌劇院豎琴首席Elizabeth Cifani 教授,獲音樂碩士及音樂博士學位。在學期間,孫尹婷獲獎無數,包括比佛特音樂節獎學金、亞洲文化協會利希慎獎學金及胡格菲紀念獎學金等。她十五歲考入香港演藝學院學習豎琴,其後入讀香港中文大學音樂系,獲一級榮譽學士學位。

孫尹婷經常獲邀到世界各地著名的音樂節和會議作獨奏演出,當中包括美國豎琴協會Summer Institute (2015),加拿大渥太華國際室內樂音樂節 (2015) 以及香港藝術節(2009)。作為樂團豎琴手,她最近跟 North Bay Symphony 合作(2015-16),亦曾為香港城市室樂團和Evanston Symphony Orchestra的豎琴首席。她曾與香港小交響樂團、伊利諾州交響樂團以及等多個芝加哥樂團合作。她隨亞洲青年交響樂團於2000年巡迴演出。她的演奏足跡遍及加拿大、美國、中國、日本、韓國、越南、澳洲等。孫尹婷的演奏在香港、加拿大和美國的電台和電視台播出。她的第一張個人專輯 於2010年推出。

除演奏外,孫尹婷也非常熱心於音樂教育工作。她曾為加拿大卡爾頓大學豎琴教授 (2013-2016) 和香港中文大學兼任助理教授 (2008-2012),亦曾為美國西北大學(2002-2006) 及芝加哥大學(2005-2007) 擔任豎琴導師。近年孫尹婷改篇了多首舒曼的鋼琴作品和傳統中國樂曲,作為豎琴獨奏用途。她的學生分別在日本、韓國、香港和澳門的豎琴比賽中獲得重要獎項。